Friday, February 15, 2013

Maple Syrup

The Churchville Nature Center is heating up the maple syrup pot for it's up coming Maple Sugar Day on Sunday, March 3, 1:00 pm where the public can come to learn how to make maple syrup.

Sap from maple trees must be boiled down to become maple syrup.
Maple sap is being collected from maple trees. Maple trees produce a lot of sap, one or two taps will not harm a healthy maple tree.
Collecting sap from a maple tree.
A tap set in a tree allows sap to drip  in to the collection bags.
 It take a lot of tree sap collected from maple trees to make maple syrup. The ratio is 30 to 1, that means if you collected 30 gallons of maple tree sap it would give you 1 gallon of maple syrup. The sap collected must be boiled down to remove water and to concentrate the maple sugar into syrup. This is one of the reasons real maple syrup is so expensive to buy at the grocery store. If you want to learn how to make your own syrup stop out at the Churchville Nature Center or their Maple Sugar Day.
Maple sap being boiled to remove water and concentrate the sap into syrup.

For more information follow the link to the Churchville Nature Center.

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