Friday, September 5, 2014

The D&L Trail - Delaware Canal Tow Path in New Hope, PA

The Gate Keep's House on the Delaware Canal Tow Path in New Hope
In the early 1800's mules walked the tow path along the Delaware Canal from Easton to Bristol pulling boats laden with goods, cargo and anthracite coal. In those days the gate keeper was busy opening and closing the gates for boat traffic. Today the gate keeper can be seen on summer weekends and Holidays reading the newspaper on the front porch and greeting passers by,

The canal path is a beautiful walk on a summer's day. A pleasant change of venue for those wanting a quiet break from the busy weekend crowds on the streets of New Hope.

You can walk or ride a bike, either way you will enjoy a scenic visit along this historic area.

For more information follow this link to the Friend of the Delaware Canal website.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Philadelphia Area Band 309 Express

Here are some photos of a local band called 309 Express. I got to see them at two local performances this summer. Once in Bucks County at Southampton Days in Upper Southampton, PA and once only a few miles outside of Bucks in Montgomery County at the Curtis Arboretum.
The band plays a mix of country, rock and rock'a'billy and they are good musicians too. It's a pretty nice mix of music and a treat so see their shows. You can learn more about the band by visiting their website at 

Music you will here will range from Mary Chapin Carpenter, Johnny Cash, Stray Cats, Chuck Berry and much more. It is like a little slice of Nashville right here in Philadelphia. I encourage music fans to bring the family out to check out this band and support great local musicians and performers right here in the Delaware Valley. I am always impressed by the local home grown talent we have in this area and 309 Express is an example of the good music and shows we can see right here. They often perform free to the public events too, so check out their schedule when you can catch their next show.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Amateur Radio Field Day with the Penn Wireless Asscociation HAM Radio Club at Tyler State Park in Bucks County, PA

This weekend was Field Day for ham radio operators across North America. This is emergency communications practice for ham radio operators to hone their skills, preparing for natural and man made disasters. For the Penn Wireless Association this is 24 hours of ham radio communications running off the grid making your own power with generators, batteries and solar power powering their stations set up in tents and pavilions in Tyler State Park, using antennas that are temporarily set up on location. These emergency radio stations can talk around the world with no phone lines, fiber optic cables, no cell towers.

Here are some shots from the wee hours of the night.